Amore Fantasma is the love story between a woman and the ghost that inhabits her home.
Their relationship shifts between joyful playfulness and curiosity, melancholy and loneliness,
filling the void of the physical absence with an unyielding spiritual presence.

The phantom observes the woman from the sidelines, spying on her most intimate and private moments.
Only then does he fall in love with her, with no judgement, no bias, no preconceptions.
In doing so, he validates his own existence: he is a ghost, and yet he is real.

But what if the phantom does not actually exist?
What if he is just a faded memory of a person who once was, but is no longer there?
Or what if he embodies that side of oneself that is always concealed?
One’s least favourite traits, the most difficult to accept, which stay hidden to the outside world.

We are the creators of our own ghosts, shaping up a physical presence as if to fill our emotional voids.
Loneliness in to blame, sometimes she plays us tricks.
Generated by our wish to be loved for what we are, lonesomeness becomes the gateway through which fantasy blends into reality, through which our phantoms become human.