Giulia Fraticelli is a photographer and video artist based in Catania, Sicily.

Photography has always been a constant in Giulia’s life. Memories of her grandfather – photographer and video-maker himself – recording the most important moments, as well as the everyday occurrences, have accompanied Giulia in her personal discovery of photography and the moving image. Initially a means of mere entertainment, photography soon became a much more pure and intimate need, a way – often the only way – to translate her deepest thoughts and emotions, a means to seek and express herself, to find solace and feel connected to the world. 

Giulia’s work is rooted in the appreciation for the human form in its infinite expressions. Years of training as a dancer – another lifelong passion of hers – have permeated Giulia’s approach to the body and the way to capture it in her work: movement, tension, dynamism, as well as harmony and effortlessness, are quintessential characteristics of her photographs and video art. Often referring to video as the natural progression of her experiments with the image, Giulia’s most recent body of work consists of a series of short films in which the tensions of the moving body, both physical and emotional, are at the core.

Phone: +39 349 41 81 817